May 2020
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With an increase in the number of online conferences for students and professionals alike, online conferences are gaining momentum during this period of Covid 19. With an increasing dependence on digital media, technology, and platforms these usually dull and dreary conferences and meetings can be more exciting. The advent of a wide range of tools and services you can conduct engaging and coming of age conferences. Conducting virtual conferences may sound daunting but they are the next thing in! Keep reading to know how you can transform the face of Meeting Monday blues!

Online Conference

Here are a few ways in which we can satisfy that very need to travel and explore the world, even in unprecedented times like these…


Depending on the nature of the conference, various categories and sections can be added within an event management app. Adding different event sessions, with details and information of speakers, attendees, and other guests are aspects that will help audiences connect better with the event, despite not experiencing it physically. Attendees should also create custom profiles and connect with speakers or fellow attendees who have similar interests using a special ‘tags’ option.


Making conferences and meetings interactive is important to retain audiences’ attention. Simply having panel discussions will not pique interest. A social feed option allows people to share videos, photos, and comment on other posts. There is also an option to take notes on speakers and revisit them later, to help retain important pointers. Further let your users share and download documents about their findings directly from the profile page.This way, audiences will interact not only with each other more, but with the software or app they are using, which will help in reiterating the conference itself.


Creating chat rooms, letting users exchange digital business cards or contact details is the best way of bringing your audience together. Also 1 on 1 meetings are very effective to seize a deal or share your findings hence booking a meeting directly inside a conference will expedite the process and boost the audience's event experience .


Professionals are always looking for sponsors (and vice versa), to increase business and publicity. These online conferences will help in increasing sponsor visibility via using sponsor pages , highlighting the main sponsor on the top and creating a separate section to showcase the sponsors companies and products documents. This is an opportunity, as having sponsors will increase the reach of the conference which is important for brands to thrive in this pandemic. Furthermore, by associating with the sponsors, a brand can increase its capacity and ensure loyalty. Sponsors are always looking for the right causes, events, and reasons to join social events. Digital platforms have the power of showcasing not only the event but the brand identity, its impact, and value addition to a customer’s life.


Recording the event or parts of it, and making it available for attendees, or the general public is another way for piquing interest. By making the recordings of sessions or panel discussions with keynote speakers available, potential attendees will also be interested in upcoming events and possibly subscribe to your services. Access to these resources will also establish your business as an industry leader. Check out how this can be utilised even more at Mavent Tech.


One of the most important ways of gauging the success of a conference, especially if it’s online, is through ROI and analytics. It is the best way to add improvements to ensure a better conference for the next time. Real time analytics on engagement, networking, interpersonal interactions between attendees are all important indicators of success.

Event Analytics

All in all, conferences, webinars or workshops have a lot of potential at this time. Organizations and businesses are adopting this trend of virtual conferences. Brands should make use of this time and explore the unique features of various event management softwares to add a little zing to their online conferences. After all, why should knowledge and work be put on a hold?

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Ankita Mathur has majored in Media Studies. She is a passionate writer, enjoys cooking, and conceptualising events. She is a design thinker by nature, with a keen interest in consumer behaviour. Her patience and creative solutions are bound to transform your events!

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