April 2020
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We humans have only caused harm to Mother Nature since our arrival on planet Earth, without even trying to repair the damage we have caused. From releasing harmful gases to cutting down trees for our own benefits, humans have tested nature’s patience constantly. Now, if we don’t take the necessary steps to stop this impending doom, it would become increasing difficult for humans to survive.

While green activists protest against the thriving industrialization, event managers and organizers can follow these ways to reduce the strain they put on Earth. These simple ways would help you make your events eco-friendly, while helping you save a great deal of money. To add on, an environment-friendly event would surely attract more visitors than any other normal event, increasing your popularity as you increase your profits.:


cut paper waste

Approximately 15 billion trees are cut every year just by the paper industry, according to the journal Nature. We can try and minimize this monumental number with the help of advancements in technology. By transferring the work done on paper to an online platform, you can significantly reduce the carbon footprints of your event. For example, event management sites like mavent.tech provides organizers with the simple yet effective feature of an easily accessible e-ticket immediately after your payment process. Also, wasting valuable paper for business cards will no longer be an essential process as a newly introduced option can download a person’s business card on your mobile device effortlessly.


Another effective method to help you go green is to carefully plan where to place the dustbins in an exhibition hall. These dustbins should be evenly placed in such a way that they can be noticed from any point in the hall, so that a person can refrain from surrendering to laziness and just throw the wrapper on the ground as discreetly as possible. Just by optimizing your dustbin placement techniques. Also, these dustbins should be segregated into four parts:

1. paper-based waste
2. plastic-based waste
3. food waste
4. metal waste


Reduce: try and cut down on equipment and devices that are unnecessary. This principle can be applied by doing one simple thing – think several times before purchasing anything new, and question yourself whether the event can be carried out without it. Reuse: search for equipment that can be used several times before it should be thrown away. This will subsequently reduce the need for re-ordering items. These two methods will not only reduce your costs, but also reduce the damage done to the environment, bringing you a step closer to making your event completely eco-friendly. Replace: use items or materials that are more eco-friendly instead of the conventional ones, or replace old methods by new ways for doing certain tasks. For example, serve water in jugs rather than bottled water. If possible, order items in bulk to ultimately reduce the materials that are used by manufacturers for packaging while also lowering your costs.

waste segregation


It is also important that you switch to equipment or materials which do little to no damage to surroundings. A good first step would be to replace incandescent lighting with LED lights. An LED light consumes roughly 75% less power than a standard incandescent light, according to a blog written by Payless Power. This practice would not only cut costs, but also significantly reduce the load of human activity on nature. Also, this would increase the overall ambience of the place as these lights are brighter than other light technologies.



The next step towards a green goal would be to replace the use of electricity produced by fossil fuels, namely coal and natural gas with cleaner means of energy, such as solar energy. A simple conversation about using this renewable resource with the owner of the exhibition center can go a long way in your fight against pollution. A typical solar cell is more efficient in converting energy to electricity than other common means and does not release any harmful by-products. An additional advantage would be the fact that advancements in this device have allowed them to become mobile, along with the ability to save excess electricity for use when light is not available.

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