May 2020
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Hosting an event can be taxing and stressful. Right from dealing with different speakers, exhibitors etc and coordinating with them, scheduling sessions during the event, marketing, finances, invites, registration, and at the same time staying creative to keep the event fun while keeping your guests updated about details and changes….

We know that despite the availability of excel and other such platforms, even the best of the best event planners can sometimes make errors. Wouldn’t it be convenient to use one single app that managed all your event planning and management needs?

Event management

Here's how an app like this will help you plan and manage better while making your life easier.


An all in one event management software will save loads of you time, while optimising all you work. This will help you focus on the things that really matter, both before and during the event.


Ever wished for an easier way to get all your event info to your attendees? Printing event brochures can be extremely limiting and tedious. Not only are you limited to the space on the brochure, but also once they are printed, you can't make any changes. Plus, good quality paper is so expensive!! With the help of an event management platform, you can easily share all the information you need with your guests. It is a simple platform through which details about the speakers, exhibitors, sponsors etc can be shared in one place.


While printed invites can be extremely beautiful, they are also a lot expensive and take a lot of time and effort. With the help of technology, you can send out email invites to your event. Either plan on sending out automated bulk invites to a list of people that you feed into the system or send out personalized invites to different people. It's up to you! You can customize the invites based on your preferences.

If it’s a paid or ticketed event, send email invites and attach the link to buy the tickets as well. This way the attendee can buy the ticket online itself.


Since you’ve sent out e- invites you can easily keep track of the list of people you have replied with an RSVP. The work for your guest becomes a lot easier, because they don’t have to call you separately, or send messages. All they have to do is click on a link that sends you an automated message saying they’ll be there. While their work becomes easy, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of managing a list and constantly updating it as and when people send in their RSVPs. The app does it for you!


With the threat of coronavirus and social distancing, a lot of event planners like you must be worried about how to manage an event without getting too many people crowding in one place unnecessarily. The benefit of using an event management software is that there will be drastically less people involved in the planning process and the work still gets done very efficiently. This means less crowding around the registration desk = happier guests.


With the help of QR scanners, all the attendee needs to do is show the QR code they would have received at the time of registration via email. All you need to do is scan the QR code and you will have a view of the attendee’s details on your tablet. The list will automatically update itself every time you scan a different attendees’ QR code.

In case of a paid event, you can also get the app to show you whether each attendee has paid or not, and how much they have paid. Isn't that so much more effortless and convenient?

This way you can focus on experiencing and enjoying the event rather than being glued to the registration desk all the time.


We know that it can be tiresome ensuring that all guests get the right location. With the help of a software you can share google maps links that allow your guests to find their way to your event’s venue easily.


With regular physical brochures, once they are printed, no changes can be made. So what happens if a session’s venue is changed, or a speaker is delayed because of bad weather? Update those details on the app and all you attendees will also have an updated version automatically.

These are just a few of the many different features that are provided by events management apps. An all-in-one event management software like Mavent Tech provides so many more features such as alerts, notifications, SMSing, activity feed so that you attendees can interact with each other etc.

Apps like this one not only makes your work a lot easier but also improves attendee experience drastically. So, move to an event management software and enjoy hassle free event planning NOW!

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Shayanne Hill has majored in economics and commerce. She is a marketing enthusiast and dancer who loves organizing and being a part of various events. She is a go-getter with a positive outlook towards life. With her ability to think outside the box and a knack of problem-solving, her classy ideas are bound to give your events a striking edge above the rest.

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